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Product Code : EASY LIFE MASK
Product Description

EasyLife Nasal CPAP Mask

EasyLife CPAP nasal mask is an CPAP therapy accessory which is indeed easy to live with. The mask does not require almost any adjustments- it fits simply and easily on all facial structures.

  • Auto Seal Technology- ensure mask leaks are kept away
  • Lightweight design- you will not even feel the mask is there
  • Dual-comfort cushion technology- the inner comfort cushion has integrated seal adjusting technology; the outer cushion brings comfortable support

With EasyLife by Respironics mask fitting is quick, simple and easy- no complex adjustments required. The mask fits itself to offer CPAP therapy compliance instantly and eliminate frustrations for first time therapy users.

There are no manual adjustments required thanks to innovative Auto Seal and Dual-Cushion support technologies.

Nasal CPAP masks are highly recommended for patients who do not want to wear bulky and heavy full face masks. The EasyLife nasal mask is designed with fewer parts, offering maximum comfort without compromising efficiency. This nasal mask does not obstruct your field of vision, it is lightweight and offers the best CPAP therapy assistance at any pressure setting.

EasyLife Comfort Seal

Mask leaks are extremely frustrating: the CPAP pressure leaks can irritate the eyes and therapy is not efficient when pressure escapes at the sides of the mask. Philips Respironics worked hard on eliminating all these issues and integrate a unique inner seal cushion technology. The cushion will expand comfortably to adapt to the nasal structure of the patient and then retracts automatically to create a customized seal.

The role of the outer cushion is to support the mask and allowing the mask to rest comfortably against the forehead of the patient.

EasyLife is the most intuitive nasal CPAP mask created by Philips Respironics. Custom tailored for comfort, built for maximum therapy efficiency.

EasyLife nasal CPAP mask Forte Points

  • Added stability of the mask is ensured by the intuitive headgear design. The adjustable straps of the headgear meet comfortably into a single point at the back of the head. Higher stability, fewer pressure points and maximum efficiency are ensured by this intuitive design.
  • The mask is built with only 4 parts- the frame of the mask, the comfortable headgear system, outer support comfort cushion & inner comfort cushion
  • Automatically adjusting forehead pad- helps eliminating a traditional fitting step of the mask
  • Quieter operation of the mask is ensured by the angled inhalation micro ports. The air is nicely directed away from the bed partner
  • Quick release clips- allow the patient to ”snap” off the mask quickly, while maintaining the same fit adjustments invites you to stat browsing among the wide range of top quality, comfortable Nasal CPAP masks. Should you have any question regarding the innovative EasyLife mask by Philips Respironics, please contact friendly customer service support.

Choosing the right mask that is compliant with your needs is of primordial importance. Only a well fitting and highly comfortable mask can help you get efficient CPAP therapy in the long run.

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